VIRTUAL IV Therapy with Blood Withdrawal



Please note, this is a Virtual class which means that the student will do the first couple of days online and the clinical portion of the in our Colton location on one of these dates:  MUST SIGN UP ONE WEEK BEFORE COURSE

January 09, 2023 (Monday)- CLOSED

January 21, 2023 (Saturday)-CLOSED

January 23, 2023(Monday)-CLOSED

February 6th 2023 (Monday)- CLOSED

February 18th 2023 (Saturday)- CLOSED

February 27th 2023 (Monday)- CLOSED

March 6th 2023 ( Monday)- CLOSED

March 25th 2023(Saturday) -5 more spots

March 27th 2023 (Monday)- 6 more spots


Within 24 hours of payment, you will receive an email for the class to begin, once your done, please bring your certificate of completion to one of the selected dates above.

Please note this is a first come first serve basis only, email us at to make sure that there is still room in the course for your selected dates.  All clinicals start at 0800am.





This three day course meets California State requirements for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification for LVN’s. Areas of IV therapy and blood withdrawal covered thoroughly in this combined class include: methods for performing IV therapy/blood withdrawal, basic IV review, and advanced theory.

Our IV Therapy Certification course, pursuant to the new policy instated by the California BVNPT, is a self contained three day course.


To ensure students feel comfortable during testing, safety issues and possible complications are covered prior to examination.

LVNs with license numbers will be issued an IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Certificate upon successful completion of this course.

LVN students and those whose licenses are pending will be provided with certificate of completion once they have received their actual license.

36 CEH’s (Continuing Education Hours)



*****This class is non refundable



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